This product is specifically developed with the agricultural sector in mind, our high accuracy GPS unit is able to track the vehicle eg. tractor, sprayer, harvester along the fields allowing for accurate data to be collected.

The information allows the client to accurately tell how well the fields have been worked, how long they been worked for, what speed the vehicle had moved through the field.

Spraytrac Features

Basic Features



Monitor how and where your vehicles are being used.


Monitor Spraying

Monitor over-spraying/under-spraying inside the orchards.


PTO Monitoring

Monitor sprayer activation and de-activation.


Monitor Speed

Monitor the speeds your vehicles are travelling at.


Mobile App

Mobile app for instant positioning of your vehicles.


Time Management

Manage the amount of time spent spraying your fields.


Multiple Maps

Access multiple maps for more accurate positioning and views.


Detailed Reports

Various reports for time travelled, stopped time, distance travelled and kms travelled in and out of working hours. These reports are emailed to you on a daily or weekly basis.


API Integration

Integrate SprayTrac with existing systems through our API.

Spraytrac Packages

Our Spraytrac product is available in the following packages


Spraytrac is perfect for farmers looking to monitor the spraying of their crops and orchards.

From* only:


per month
incl. VAT

*Subject to terms and conditions

What's included

  •  Monitor Spraying
  •  PTO Monitoring
  •  Monitor Speed
  •  Mobile App
  •  Time Management
  •  Multiple Maps
  •  Detailed Reports
  •  API Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Will SprayTrac cover my entire farm with positions?

SprayTrac will store up to 128MB of data (roughly 30 days) out of cell phone range and upload this history once back in range onto a map for your reference.