Personnel Tracking

This mini tracker is designed for tracking security guards, the elderly, pets, car monitoring, and employee control etc.

These devices come with a small and slimline design with a 800 mAh battery which makes them easy to hide.

Personnel Tracking Features

Basic Features


Alarm Button

An alarm button can save your life in the event of an accident, fall or in a case of emergency. An alert notification can be sent via GPRS and/or SMS at the single press of the alarm button..


Man Down

This is used to monitor a persons position between vertical and horizontal. For example, an elderly person falling down, employees incidents and laying down. An alert can be sent via GPRS and/or SMS when configured


Accelerometer & Gyroscope

A built-in accelerometer and gyroscope sensor for more accurate Man Down trace data in order to avoid fake events.

Personnel Tracking Packages

Our personnel tracking product is available in the following packages

Personnel Tracking

Our Personnel Tracking device is perfect for companies who would like to monitor incidents in the workplace.

From* only:


per month
incl. VAT

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What's included

  •  Alarm Button
  •  Man Down Alert
  •  Accelerometer
  •  Gyroscope

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the battery life.

Depends on how often you use it - from 1 day to 3 days.