Baytrac Vision

A camera tracking solution provides you with footage of what happened before, during and after a crash or other triggered event. It helps you establish if your driver’s behaviour in any way contributed to a crash with actual footage.

Vision Features

Basic Features


Digital Video Recorder

Our current mobile digital video recorder, supporting road analog audio and video recording with playback of vehicle.


Dual Core Processor

The system uses a DSPS ARM dual core processor with a built-in Linux embedded operating system.


3G/4G Network

Utilizing the 3G and 4G networks allows for coverage in the most remote locations.


GPS Positioning

Keep track of your vehicles at any time with pinpoint GPS positioning.


Power Protection

Set power protection technology, SD card damping technology, and SD card heating protection technology.


Variety of uses

Widely used in buses, logistics vehicles, school buses, police cars, and financial escort vehicle monitoring.

Vision Package

Our Vision product is available in the following package

Baytrac Vision

Baytrac Vision is ideal for companies who need to monitor activity on the road.

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What's included

  •  Digital Video Recorder
  •  Dual Processor
  •  3G/4G Network
  •  GPS Positioning
  •  Power Protection

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I live stream 24hours/day 365 days a year?

Yes you can, however the Data usage will be very costly as the memory bank on the device of 256GIG fills up roughly every 5 days. Therefore storage and data becomes a costly exercise.