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Track your vehicle anywhere, anytime


How does it work?

A GPS collects the positional data while a processor sends the processed data to the customer’s computer via the GSM GPRS service. 

The Baytrac unit can be configured to update anything from five metre intervals with 5 degrees change in direction, and to update on the server every 15 seconds should this be required.  However, this setting will cost extra due to the amount of data used.

Does it have a panic button?

Yes, a panic button can be installed.

How do I test my unit?

You can see your unit on your computer at any time.

Can my Baytrac unit give me a GPS Location of my vehicles?

Yes, complete with replays, trips and reports.

How does the unit connect to my vehicle?

The unit is connected into the wiring system of the vehicle.  Asset Tracking and Person Tracking use wireless units.

How do I go about obtaining a unit?

Contact us via the web site or phone us.

Must I sign a two-year contract?

No, the rental option is available on a month-to-month basis and we don’t require you to enter into a contract.  If you purchase the unit, it belongs to you; you have server access as long as you pay the monthly fee. If you choose the Forever Free option, you never pay again for the lifetime of the unit.  Of course, if you need a contract, e.g. for insurance purposes, we will assist.

How do I cancel?

A minimum of one month’s notice is required.

Do you offer a guarantee on the unit?

The unit has a 12-month guarantee.

Is Baytrac VESA and/or SAIA approved?

No, but we make use of a SAIA & VESA approved third party for recovery.

How good is your coverage?

The coverage is the same as the GSM Network Coverage. If it loses coverage, the unit will store data and make it available when it returns

Do you offer Fleet Management?

Yes we do, under the Fleet Manager or the Supreme options.